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What more could you ask?

What more could you ask?

This wonderful festival, Temporada Alta Festival, in Girona lasts for 3 months and we were lucky enough to be invited back for the 3rd time. It is a beautiful city and are hosts are fabulous. What an end to two months of hard work rehearsing the show and getting it up on its feet in Coventry and Guildford.

Coventry were as kind and supportive as could be and Guildford is a second good to be back. The snow came and I kept watching airport after airport being closed, Edward & I were thinking 'how the heck are we going to get the company to Girona?' So when the company were in the air, I relaxed and thought 'Well, it really doesn't matter if I don't get there tomorrow'. Then I had the call to say our truck was 7 hours behind schedule and struggling to get through the snow in the south of France, the photos of said truck in snow were spectacular; many, many thanks to the police for guiding us over the mountains and to John, our determined driver.

The theatre is most beautiful, 150 years' old, a deep horseshoe shaped auditorium; what I call a European opera house with great acoustics, totally renovated with a superb stage and staff to match. The performances were truly well-received by full houses, more curtain calls could have been taken but don't milk it! I always love wandering around the audience during the interval, listening to comments good and bad and, even though I don't understand a word of Catalan unless it strays into French, I could tell quite a few people were discussing the play positively. Salvador Sunyer, the Festival's Artistic Director, and Sarah Augusti, his Producer, gave us drinks afterwards so we could meet some of the audience before I dragged the company off to get some food in them. Sarah led us to a perfect restaurant and we all had a good evening.

One of the things about being in Europe is the visitors who come: Giuliana and Carla came from Rome (they are previous & future hosts), friends came from Southern Spain, mid and Southern France as well as the company bringing girlfriends.

We discovered another great asset to Europe on the Saturday when Edward was due to leave for England. The Spanish flight controllers went on strike, all flights out of Spain were cancelled. Edward had to get home for his father's 80th birthday party the next day; a big affair being held at the National Theatre. So think outside the box, if he can't fly from Spain where is the nearest place in France to fly from. Well, you'd think Girona had the plague, every train seat was taken, let alone sleeping compartment! With the Festival's help, we did get him back in time; poor fellow though, not too much sleep had before the big event.

Just can't wait until the next time we are invited, thank you Girona.

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