Pocket Dream - On The Road

We are in the middle of our first week of the Pocket Dream tour which will continue in September. The wonderful company are all Propeller company members: Richard Dempsey, Jonathan Livingstone, Chris Myles, David Newman, Thomas Padden & Tam Williams. Nick Chesterfield is at the helm again as our cool and brilliant Company Manager, with Bridget Fell on getting us into costumes (again) and Eleanor Randall looking after us on the text.

So far, we have played Benenden and Oakland Schools with the audiences really coming back to us with good and interesting questions and at Coutts & Co., our sponsors, who gave us a tremendous evening. On Saturday we head for the Kent Youth Festival in Maidstone for a full on day of workshops and performances. We are travelling between venues in a people carrier and a transit van listening to Wimbledon!


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