Tom Padden: Run for your life

I'm the boring one

I'm the boring one

Coming for a drink, Tom?
Slice of cake, Tom?
Fun of any sort, Tom?

The answer's always no.
But there's a reason for all this - I'm not such a spoilsport by nature. I'm currently using the vast expanses of free time we have while on tour (which is none) to train for a marathon. I thought it would be a great way of seeing all the amazing cities we travel to on this mammoth tour, and I could maybe raise a pack of money for charity at the same time.

I was certainly right with the first. I've run the hills, parks and woods of Sheffield; the quayside, urban moorland and around the temple of football that is St James' Park in Newcastle; the country lanes of Northamptonshire whilst at my mum and dad's in the Coventry week; the flats of Norfolk; the Portobello Prom in glorious Edinburgh; and I've still the Gloucestershire countryside, Salford Quays and the fabled streets of Manhattan to come! I feel tired just writing it. The good news is, after that I'll be resting up and saving my energy for the big day: a little tour of 26.2 miles round the streets of sunny Brighton.

As for the fundraising bit, well, maybe you can help me out? I chose to run for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation, because unfortunately it has a particular resonsance in my family, and I know we're far from alone in that. Plus, as a member of an all-male company, it seemed rather apt! You could add a little strength to my legs by sponsoring me at


Huge thanks in advance to anyone who has even a few pounds to spare.


So once the running's done, everything's going to change. The rest of the company will hardly recognise me. I'll be the first to the bar and the first to the cake tin - all part of my marathon effort to get a little bit drunk and a little bit fat. I'll be known as Tipsy Tom, or Paralytic Padden - just as long as I'm home by 11.

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