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Propeller Play

Propeller Play

Propeller Play is a unique, interactive microsite designed to enhance the Propeller experience, taking users “backstage” to discover more about the company.

For educational groups, it is the ideal accompaniment to a visit to the theatre, allowing pupils to learn more about the process of putting together a production and the various roles involved.

There is also plenty for general audiences to explore, with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, photos and stories to give an entertaining and engaging insight into the world of Edward Hall’s acclaimed all-male Shakespeare company.


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About Pocket Propeller

An Introduction from Edward Hall

Pocket ComedyPcoket DreamPocket Henry VPcoket Merchant

Pocket Propeller aims to deliver a first class theatrical experience to a young audience based on a sixty minute version of a Propeller production.

Our first Pocket Propeller production, entitled Pocket Dream, is a contemporary and physical introduction to Shakespeare based on our acclaimed version – by audiences and critics both nationally and internationally – of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We believe Pocket Propeller's original approach to this form of introductory Shakespeare is as high as it deserves to be.

With Pocket Propeller the young audience will be invited into a performance space where the actors will engage them to express and explore their relationship to the work that they see in the freest possible way. We will encourage teachers to allow their pupils to “relax” during the performance and not to feel they have to “behave”. Our young audience needs to be allowed to explore their own reactions to what they see and the Propeller actors will create the environment in which this can happen.

After the performance the actors will run a talkback with the audience encouraging them to articulate and explore the responses to the show. Pocket Propeller will leave a young audience not just having experienced Shakespeare for the first time, but having experienced theatre and crucially, theatre of the highest possible standard.

Pocket Propeller offers me the chance as an artist to revisit and develop a piece of established work by going through a process of ‘concentration’ i.e. focusing down a drama to its bare bones and in doing so, hope to recognize the essence of the work. This can often be a surprising and informative experience which helps to make me more aware of what has made up the core of a full scale production and can make me aware of areas to develop into for the next full scale show.

The performances are enormously satisfying as they give me an opportunity to engage a young audience who have not necessarily seen Shakespeare before and perhaps not even been to the theatre. Their reactions are vocal, honest and immediate giving the actors plenty to bounce off as they develop their relationship with their audience, sometimes in very vocal situations which are at the core of a good Shakespearean performance.

The performances are delivered by top level Propeller actors, some of whom will have enormous performance experience of the text they are performing allowing them the freedom to concentrate on improvising with their young and very lively audience. It is of particular importance that our young audience are being given access to an experience of the highest standard delivered by experienced and skilled classical actors, who are as dedicated to their audience as they would be to an opening night in New York or Milan. In short, it is a way of giving young people access to the best drama as their first and vital taste of Shakespeare. An experience that will contribute to the audiences and theatre makers of tomorrow.