Propelling Edward III: Research in Action

Propeller Theatre Company and Wimbledon College of Arts -Edward III Symposium

January saw us, academics, theatre practioners and several curious people experience a rare two insightful days looking into the world of Edward III.  

Until the turn of the century, the play’s tenuous authorship has resulted in it being rarely performed, although its subject matter clearly forms the springboard for the sequence of Shakespeare’s history plays. Shakespeare’s cycle of politically charged conflicts, experienced through the passions of human need, profit and loss, were not written in a linear chronological sequence but deal with incrementally affirming England’s national identity and its emergence as a post-medieval super power – concerns that are as alive in today’s global context as was then in Western Europe.

English Renaissance plays were written to be experienced by an audience in a live, contemporary setting. After attempts at scholarly enquiry, Edward III now requires research methods that confront the play as a living artefact, rather than an academic fossil. The symposium sought to discover both the play’s thematic links to the Histories and its dramatic, physical, visual and musical potential as a self-contained drama through the nuance and force of the Propeller ensemble, injected with comment and debate from speakers and audience.

 There were papers from  Paul Allen (Night Waves presenter), James Brabazon (War Reporter, Film Maker & Author), Lucy Cullingford (Early Modern Movement, Warwick University), Professor Jean Howard (English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University), Dr Peter Kirwan (Early Modern Drama, Nottingham University), Professor David Lindley (Renaissance Literature, Leeds University). 

 Edward Hall (Propeller Director) held an open rehearsal of the first scene of the play with the actors, Michael Pavelka (Propeller Designer) and  Roger  Warren (Text Editor).

We will be posting a video of the two days here shortly.

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